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 ConnectOne, East Central Missouri's ISP 
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Web Server Access

Web server access allows you to place your web pages online using one of
ConnectOne's web servers. There are two ways to access your site:
Through a "registered virtual domain name" or through a "page" off of ConnectOne's domain name (e.g.

The "registered virtual domain name" method requires you to purchase an
Internet Protocol (IP) address from ConnectOne and register a domain name.
The "page" method only requires that you be added to the
ConnectOne server configuration files.


1. "Page" method
2. One POP3 reply-to address
3. First 10 MB storage.
4. Fee: $19.95 monthly/$191.52 annually.
1. "Virtual" domain
2. Two e-mail aliases
3. First 40 MB storage.
4. Fee: $22.50 monthly/$216 annually.
Common to the
Standard and Premium Packages
1. Full FTP authority with unlimited FTP access to web pages and web presence files.
2. Daily backup.
3. Online account maintenance.
4. Free placement in the ConnectOne Business Directory.
5. Prepaid annual accounts discounted 20%.
1. $5 monthly for each additional e-mail alias.
2. $5 monthly for each additional 5 MB disk space on server.
3. Five WWW dial-in access accounts $22.50/month.
4. Additional charges attached to the Standard and Premium packages are eligible for a 20% discount for purchasing a year's subscription.
5. If you need someone to create your web page(s), contact World of Words Desktop Publishing.

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